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5 Questions for DaRico Jackson

July 10, 2011 | 11:55 PM

As you turn the pages of celebrity stylist DaRico Jackson's new book, Ain't I a Woman, you'll find photographs of 50 influential black women and the true stories of their hair. Jackson, along with a team of make-up artists and stylists, carefully selected a different genre with each subject, ranging from Hollywood actresses to entrepreneurs. MODERN asked him about this personal tribute.Visit for more information.

5 Questions for DaRico Jackson

MS: What message did you want to send?

DJ: The book's designed to show the many wonderful things black women are doing to leave their mark on the world. It shows a new side of who these women are through imagery, with an emphasis on hair.

MS: What inspired you to compile this book?
DJ: I learned so much about these ladies in regular chair conversations that I felt it was a shame to let their stories go to waste-so why not share their moments with the world?

MS: Who is featured?
DJ: Inspiring black women like actresses Vivica Fox, Wendy Davis, and Rochelle Aytes, boxing champion Yolanda Ezell and others.

MS: Which is your favorite photo?
DJ: My favorite is Rochelle Aytes. She's so gorgeous! She looks like an animated princess. Listening to her talk about having naturally curly hair and being black (to think that black people were afraid they might burn it because it's so fine, and white people were intimidated because of its excessive oil) blew me away!

MS: Why should stylists read this book?
DJ: This book is not just for stylists; it's for everyone! It's a full-featured work of art that is designed to empower the world. Everyone will gain a new appreciation for the beauty and power in black women.

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