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Oscar Faves--the Real Winners

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 11:57 PM

Last night was Hollywood's annual Oscar broadcast and biggest beauty night. MODERN SALON chatted with readers on Facebook throughout the show and dished about what we loved and hated. Opinions ran the gamut on hair and dresses and nobody held back. Check out the conversations on

In the meantime, forget about the actors who took home the trophies, here are my Oscar-winning hair picks!

Best Sleek and Straight
Gwyneth Paltrow. That perfect champagne blonde … it's hard to go wrong. And last night, she looked just right. Glowing skin, chic, form-fitting gown and a blowout that managed to be super-sleek, yet not plastered to her head.
Oscar Faves--the Real Winners

Best Ponytail
Anne Hathaway. About half way through the show, Anne donned a tuxedo for a musical number and took the stage with a voluminous ponytail. Unlike Reese Witherspoons ponytail (see below), Anne's was modern and super flattering.
Oscar Faves--the Real Winners

Best Charo Impression
Reese Witherspoon. What happened here? Reese is usually so perfectly coiffed and contemporary. This look was, well … dated. My husband asked me if she had a bump it on and I kept thinking she was wearing Brenda's prom dress from a 90210 episode in the late 90s.
Oscar Faves--the Real Winners

Best Cropped Cut
Tie: Michelle Williams and Helen Mirren
Michelle Williams makes me want to run out and chop all my hair off. If you have any clients who have the right face shape and hair texture, show them a photo of Michelle from last night. She looked amazing in her pixie cut and uber-blonde shade of hair color.
Oscar Faves--the Real Winners Oscar Faves--the Real Winners
Helen Mirren was no slouch, either. She out-classed and out-styled every other 20-something actress on the red carpet. Her cut was chic, modern and most of all, face-flattering.

Best Updo
Mila Kunis. Mila sported one of the more elaborate styles of the evening and she wore it well. The intricate waves and side-swept fringe complemented her gown and added interest to the overall look. Now I'm not quite sure why she looked so angry in every red carpet shot--maybe the hair was pulled a little tight? Dress to small?
Oscar Faves--the Real Winners

Best Headband
Ok, so it might have been the only headband, but I thought Hailee Steinfeld looked totally age appropriate, and the slim, sparkling headband added just the right touch.
Oscar Faves--the Real Winners

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