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Water Trends

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:57 PM

Water not only was represented in the trends emerging from recent fashion runways for 2011, it also played a part in designing the hair styles of the new Alfaparf Milano trend collection called: Acqua. Visit for more information on trends, events and products.

The collection can be broken down into four specific trends:

Water TrendsVAPOR
The Look: Sections of undulate like waves against a pastel blonde background. For clients who prefer elegant, sensual, soft looks with plenty of natural movement.

VAPOR Technique: Freehand coloring is used to achieve natural-looking results that mimic the effects of the sun. By alternating sections, you create the perfect balance between dark and light tones. To customize the look further, follow up by applying darker colors.

Water TrendsMERMAID

The Look: Shimmering mother-of-pearl and light gray color plays off the cut's shell shape for a seamless finish. For clients who love a sculpted style with clean lines.

MERMAID Technique: This coloring technique results in a variety of shades and works well with any geometric cut. The colors of the bottom layers peek out as the hair moves, making this an ever-changing look.


The Look: Color is placed to appear as though the hair was lightened y the sun and it creates a feeling of volume. For clients experimenting with color for the first time.

WATERCOLOR Technique: This technique is designed to create high-impact color that combines various shades smoothly to spotlight shape. It results in a look that is both innovative and elegant.


The Look: This classic dandy style breaks with tradition to become fresh and exciting, with prominent highlights that look like waves breaking in a storm. For younger clients who love a strong style.

SEA BREEZE Technique: Highlights can be distributed as desired either to focus attention on the cut or to create sharp color contrasts.

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