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Frank Gironda Salons Prepare for Hair Wars

Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 11:58 PM

The Frank Gironda Salons in suburban Chicago are gearing up to participate in Chicago’s Hair Wars Supreme Salon Tour, which will be held April 17 at Enclave night club with host Ben Mollin, a Shear Genius finalist. Winners of this event will advance to the Hair Wars finals—an exciting runway extravaganza that will be held in Las Vegas.

Sunday March 13, eleven staffers, forming four teams, strutted their stuff at the Frank Gironda Naperville salon and I was excited to join artists Ronnie and Ziggy of TIGI to choose the winning team. Hair Wars features over-the-top styling that represents a particular, and very specific, theme.

The styling team of Twylla Seniff, Luis Valdez and Monika Rybicka presented Virtue and Vice, one model displaying the dark mysterious look of vice and the other a softer version representing Virtue.

Carli and Gabriella turned to covers of Vogue for celebrity inspired glamour with a Rihanna-channeling textured style and a bold faux hawk.

Tiffany Micek, Gia Limones and Roxy Wilson chose the theme of Sub Aquatic Delirium with an exotic mermaid and a shimmery fish.

Katie Prendergast, Angelina Manna and Monika Rybicka created the Cat in the Hat and the Lorax from the Dr. Seuss stories of the same names.

Tara Kinney and Monika Rybicka created Zodiac with a beautiful Greek goddess and a male model styled as Taurus the bull.

We watched the Zodiac presentation via video, but the other teams presented live models in a bid for their team to travel to Hair Wars. Our decision was that all participants should be represented on the Frank Gironda Salon's Hair Wars Chicago team; the question was which theme offered the most opportunity for creativity.

The decision—all the participating stylists and make-up artist Monika will head for the April event to present the Dr. Seuss theme—the wacky Dr. Seuss characters offering a chance to literally and figuratively stretch the boundaries of hair, make-up and wardrobe. To learn more about Supreme Salon Tour and Hair Wars,  visit

Check out the Frank Gironda Salons and Spas at

Luis Valdez and Twylla Seniff with their Virtue and Vice models.

Carli (left) and Gabriella with the Vogue models.

Frank Gironda Salons Prepare for Hair Wars
The Sub-aquatic Delirium theme included a fish and mermaid created by stylists Gia Limones and Roxy Wilson with make-up by Tiffany Micek.

The Dr. Seuss themed models, which will be the Frank Gironda Salon's Hair Wars theme with stylists Katie Prendergast and Angelina Manna.

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