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Shake Lights

Victoria Wurdinger | July 11, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Even when all a client wants is a retouch, add extra dimension. For a fast, subtle solution that works on the darkest of heads, David Stanko, a hair color consultant for Redken 5th Avenue and color director at Angelo David Salon in NYC, devised Shake Lights. Explains Stanko, “During the last 15 minutes of processing the retouch, place three foils on either side of the center part. To create them, hold a section straight out and shake it until 10-15 pieces fall out. Apply your lightener and seal the foil. With this approach, you isolate just a few strands, so they lighten fast.”

The technique is great for the color shy and for single-process shades that don’t look good with obvious highlights. Apply toner and add $25 to $30 to the ticket. That’s how to shake things up!

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