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Beauty Industry Pays Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

Laurel Nelson | July 11, 2011 | 12:01 AM
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MODERN reached out to its readers this week to get their reactions to the legendary style of one of Hollywood’s great icons—Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor, who died this week, made a major impact on the beauty industry with her classic beauty and violet eyes. Read on to see the impact she had on beauty professionals and see the tribute from famed colorist Beth Minardi here.

Beauty Industry Pays Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor“I loved Elizabeth Taylor—she was the last great beauty of the golden age of Hollywood. Her make-up styles influenced generations with her thick eyebrows, pale skin and red lips. Her appearance in Cleopatra set the trend for extreme eyeliner that lasted throughout the 1960s. As a young artist, I would study pictures of Liz and copy her immaculate eye make-up and brows. I once did an editorial shoot devoted to Liz and had pictures of her taped up to the make-up mirror—all those violet eyes staring at me. I will miss her.”
—David Maderich, make-up artist

“As an iconic beauty I have looked to Elizabeth Taylor for a lot of the styles that I create today. I am so inspired by her beauty, style and grace.”
—Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist and salon owner

“Epitomizing the essence of classic beauty with style and grace, Elizabeth Taylor was a true inspiration and icon. At the height of her career, she influenced more professional hairstylists and colorists than most stars in that era. Elizabeth paved the way for others by redefining glamour and forcing the industry to reexamine their standards of beauty.”
—Jack Panico, owner of Panico Salons and Spas and celebrity stylist

“Elizabeth Taylor died and left us with her contribution and influence to beauty and her efforts to raise AIDS awareness. Liz’s double row of eyelashes became the inspiration to the darker, heavier lash look. She spent a tremendous time and effort raising awareness of HIV/AIDS, and to erase the ugly shadow off its victims. By taking lemons and making lemonade she quenched the world’s thirst by taking defects and stereotypes and turned them into beauty and pride.
—Pierce Austin, master barber

“Elizabeth Taylor was not only an iconic beauty, but a woman to whom the entire beauty industry looked to as a Beauty Industry Pays Tribute to Elizabeth Taylortemplate for glamour. She set the standard of raven hair and ivory skin, not to mention being blessed with violet eyes. Passionate, talented and fun-loving, you cannot help but love her.”
—Eva Scrivo, celebrity stylist

Rest in Peace Elizabeth Taylor, but long live those BROWS! They may be the best ever till the end. She was never afraid of the big, bold brows—J’adore!
—Malynda Vigliott, founder of Boom Boom Brow Bar

“Legendary icon Elizabeth Taylor has always been a personal idol of mine. Her style epitomized that old Hollywood glamour, and she’s been the driving influence behind many of my campaigns and collections. Her arresting violet eyes, signature alluring red lips and strong brows captivated the world. And she always knew the power of a sultry winged eye liner!”
—Napoleon Perdis, make-up artist and founder of Napolean Perdis make-up line

“A gifted performer and fashion icon that always turned heads for her beauty will be deeply missed. She will be remembered for her classy vintage hair styles and striking dark hair color that set her apart from the traditional bottle blonde that was so prevalent in those times. Elizabeth Taylor was a woman who dressed to be noticed with a sense of confidence. I am inspired by that confidence and her brave contributions as she gave so much in the fight against HIV/Aids.”
—Sam Villa, education artistic director for Redken and founding partner of Sam Villa products

Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood icon, great actress, activist and had class. She had beauty that made the world stop and stare and showed us all what a true star was.” —Tabatha Coffey, host of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and salon owner

“When it came to beauty, Elizabeth Taylor was the icon of icons and she put brunettes on the map. Her hair style was incredible and copied everywhere, and the volume in her hair complemented her shapely figure. Her style in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was groundbreaking and set the stage for beauties like Sophia Loren and Gina Lollabridgida who came later. Is saw her once in person and I couldn’t stop looking at her—between the hair, gorgeous skin and violet eyes."
—Philip Pelusi, owner of Tela Design Studio in New York City, Philip Pelusi Salons in Pittsburg and founder of Tela Beauty Organics

“Elizabeth Taylor was the quintessential beauty involved woman. She will definitely be missed by all of us dedicated to the beauty industry.”
—Luis Alvarez, VP Creative Aquage /Biomega

“As with her character role, Cleopatra, who has survived the test of time, I’m sure Elizabeth Taylor will also have an everlasting impression on all of us and those to come.”
—Rodney Cutler, celebrity stylist/salon owner of Cutler NYC

“Only 79—so young. It’s unfortunate, she was such a beauty and inspiration to our industry!”
—Dimitrios Tsioumas, Mizu NY Creative Color Director and Goldwell International Artist

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