Frizz Factor

Laurel Nelson | July 11, 2011 | 12:01 AM
NAHA 2010 Editorial Stylist of the year Steve Elias is currently a guest artist for the No. 4 line of vegan hair care products. He used the products to create these fresh, textured looks for the new season. “I wanted to create interesting, textured shapes that could change into different versatile styles,” said Elias. Hair: Steve Elias Photography: Billy Winters Make-up: Jonathan Mendez Styling: Vichavit Penmongkonporn
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Create two large sections, parting in the middle.
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Make a two-inch horizontal section starting at the bottom and apply a generous amount of No. 4 Mighty Hair Spray to each section.
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Gently tease the section with a comb.
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Flatiron the section from root to end, pressing the teasing into the hair.
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Repeat the process on the other side and finish with No. 4 Non-aerosol Hair Spray and let cool. Once cooled, brush out with a paddle brush from ends to roots.
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