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Ones to Watch: Nicky Cahoon

July 11, 2011 | 12:01 AM

Last spring/summer, Nicky Cahoon entered TIGI’s Masculine Architecture contest, where she was challenged to create a make-up look on a man—that was not traditional female make-up— and it had to tell a story. This got her thinking about the uses of war paint in history and how she could replicate the strong tribal feel on a man, where the make-up wouldn’t take over. Her creation, which features powdery white make-up on a model’s heavily oiled dark skin, made her the winner of the contest—and a TIGI stylist who’s “one to watch.”

A stylist for 12 years, Cahoon is now on the TIGI Talent Makeup Team. “I started doing make-up about nine years ago, working on clients as the need within the salon grew,” she says. “I still do hair full time, and touching up clients with make-up as much as I possibly can!” In fi ve years Cahoon hopes to still be sharing her love of TIGI in salons, in classrooms, on stage as well as backstage—and she has always wanted to enter the North American Hairstyling Awards!

Ones to Watch: Nicky Cahoon

Ones to Watch: Nicky Cahoon

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