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July 11, 2011 | 12:17 AM
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Inspired by warriors of the past brought forth to the present, the Totem collection by Emiliano Vitale portrays a raw, male sensuality. The hair inspires an individual direction and strength, yet also showcases the underlying infl uence of classic 1950s men’s styles.Assured: This ponytail can be worn in a feminine way, yet maintain a real and raw warrior-like masculinity. The hair was prepped with mousse before dried and tied into a ponytail. Using a dry shampoo, ponytail was slightly deconstructed, allowing the hair to find its own place.
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Model Warrior: This look has a machismo street feel reminiscent of the 1950s. The hair was parted at the temple, and brushed back with a wet gel. The remaining hair was cornrow braided and tied. Then, using dry shampoo, the braid was slowly opened up from the back to the front.
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Native: Inspired by the fields of Asia, this shape has many twists and turns, while embracing traditional warrior’s braid. Split into four sections, the front was braided the back a fishtail braid and an inverted chignon was created on the crown, before sweeping the sides into the crown to finish.
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Roman: It is a classic short graduation creating a sense of mystery. Beautifully finished and lightly textured ends give it a battle-weary look.
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Thunder Dome: A fusion of the strength of Mad Max and the sensuality of the Fonz, this style has fingerdepth layering through the sides and back, and a textured top.
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Ultimate Warrior: This timeless look is the cornerstone of the Totem collection. It combines the influence of past warriors yet maintains relevance today. precise shear-overcomb is taken past curve of the head push the naturally curly texture into a new form of the quiff. Hair: Emiliano Vitale Photography: Paul Scala Make-up: Luana Vitale Styling: Peta-Marie Rixon Salon: é Salon
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