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Beth Minardi On Kate Middleton's Highlights

Maggie Mulhern | July 11, 2011 | 12:17 AM

As the Royal Wedding approaches, interest in Kate's hair is buzzing. Color wise, the highlights she wears are
really modern..... they don't SCREAM.. they royally "whisper".......

Beth Minardi On Kate Middleton's HighlightsMid brown hair like Kate's looks great with deep golden darkest blonde tones scattered throughout the hair lengths... with
no obvious "stripes" coming from the top of the head or through the fringe. Totally classic yet modern.... a softly shadowed
appearance at the root......

My latest "lit from within" highlighting technique accomplishes this. Foils are pleated vertically rather than across. I mix two
parts of JOICO's VERO ULTRA COLOR Caramel with one part of Butterscotch. This is combined with 20 volume Veroxide.

So, as the wedding date approaches, I think colorists will certainly take a careful look at that beautiful hair.

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