Day to Night: Avant Garde and Braided Looks

July 11, 2011 | 12:20 AM
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“I have a lot of clients that love the NYC scene, but can’t be too funky. Avant garde hair is great, but these clients can’t use it. This look relates to the client.” —Adeline Chung-Feder
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Blow dry the hair with a side parting as it is to be worn and pull out a two-inch square above the color panel. Using a razor, channel cut vertically into the section to texturize. Start from two inches off the scalp.
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Slide cut to just above the ends, holding them out to prevent cutting all the way to the ends. Lift up above the rounds so the length is not affected. The goal is to expose the color.
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Flatiron vertically for a cleaner finish.
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Start braiding from one side, going over the fringe area.
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Work over to the far side, loop and secure.
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Using a curling iron, create diagonal waves throughout the rest of the hair.
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Backcomb the lengths all above the rounds of the head.
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Place headband between the braid the backcombed hair.
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Take a halo parting from in front of the ear to the opposite side. Secure a high side ponytail above the parietal.
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Place a weft of the desired shade behind the ponytail.
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Place a roll or straight donut in front of the ponytail.
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Smooth the weft and ponytail over the roll and tuck under the roll to secure.
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Add a weft of the desired shade below the occipital and direct to one side and secure.
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