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Milk Chocolate: Summer Brunette

July 11, 2011 | 12:20 AM
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"I chose a vertical halo sectioning to blend the highlights with the natural movement of the hair." --Lori Esposito Green ruffle dress by Fendi, necklace and cuffs by Herve Van Der Straeten
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Section dry hair. Create a halo parting along the perimeter below the rounds of the head with isolated crown. Three shades will be alternated in various weave thickness. Using the end of a tail comb, weave out from a ½-inch diagonal section.
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Place on a cotton pad and apply Organic Color Systems 10AH with LXAH concentrate and 40-volume developer (a golden blonde) in a fine weave from roots to ends.
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In the next section, take a medium weave and apply equal parts: 6GD, 6TO and 6RC, with 20-volume developer to make a coppery light brown.
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Lowlights are placed in the thickest weave with equal parts 4MO and 4GD with 20-volume developer to make a dark mocha brown. The three shades are alternated in the various weave thicknesses.
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Along the top, apply the coppery light brown shade along the top edge in diagonal partings from top center.
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Wrap plastic around head and process for 30 minutes under medium heat. Shampoo and condition.
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Begin the cut along the top of the head. Lift up a Mohawk section and direct forward slightly. Cut from short to long.
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Take sections from the back and lift up, cutting from the crown from short to long.
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Using the crown strand as a guide, bring the lengths up and cut to leave length.
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Apply foam throughout the hair. Comb through and blow dry to remove moisture.
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Flatiron one-inch sections, straightening from roots to ends.
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Section the fringe taking a triangular section from recess to recess to two inches behind the perimeter. Direct the first inch forward and free cut straight across to the desired length and bring the rest forward and cut to the guide.
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Organic Salon Systems’ Creative Color Advisor Lori Esposito lightened up this model from dark brunette to a milk chocolate shade. This lighter, brighter shade of brunette is a great way to make clients summer-ready without going blonde. PRODUCTS AND TOOLS Color: Organic Color Systems (permanent, ammonia-free) from Organic Salon Systems Shampoo and conditioner: Status Quo by Organic Salon Systems Cotton Pads: Biolights Stylers: Organic Care Mousse and Glaze, Finale Spray, all Organic Salon Systems Flatiron: GHD Blower: CHI Shears: Hikari Nail color: Coat Azure by Essie Lip color: Just Kissed from Jane Iredale Mascara: Beauty Addicts Blush: Mirabella
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Hair Color Trends
Hair Color Trends

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