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Color Mash-Up: Peek-a-Boo Color

July 11, 2011 | 12:20 AM
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This color explosion from the Farouk team makes the most of the season’s hippest shades. “The inspiration for the collection was how you can use light to expose color,” said Lisa Marie Garcia, Farouk artistic director. “We chose to call the collection ‘Exposed’ based on how we could expose vibrant color in one style and then, by changing the direction of the hair, expose another color.”
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Section a rectangle from crown to front hairline.
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On one side, section an elongated semicircle one inch off the hairline to back crown on one side. Carve into the your rectangle section to complete.
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On opposite side, section a large, semicircular shape one inch off the hairline to the top crown area, carving into your rectangle section. Apply CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color to all hair not sectioned. For new growth, use 8B mixed equal parts with 20-volume developer. For mid shafts and ends, use 8B mixed equal parts with 10-volume developer. Note: You may add Violet or Ash additive if needed for additional toning.
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Apply CHI Infra Environmental No Lift Crème Color RO mixed equal parts with NBR and 10-volume developer to small semicircular section on side and isolate in foil.
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Apply the same formula to the semicircular shape on the other side.
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Apply CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color Ultra-Light Series UL-12I Iridescent mixed one part to two parts with 40-volume developer, with one line beige additive for additional toning. Process for 15 minutes under low heat, cool for 20 minutes. Rinse for five minutes until the water runs clear. Shampoo with CHI Infra shampoo, towel-blot hair and use Color Lock for five minutes to seal color.
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PRODUCTS AND TOOLS Color: CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color, CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color Ultra Light Series, CHI Infra Environmental No Lift Crème Color Stylers: Pearl Complex, Rapid Shine, Style Illumination, Ultimate Control Gold, all by Farouk Royal Treatment by CHI Tools: Ceramic Digital Hairstyling Iron, Gold Ceramic Digital Hair Dryer, all by Farouk Royal Treatment by CHI Brushes/Combs: Turbo Backcomb Brush, Turbo Ceramic Round Brushes, Turbo Carbon Combs and clips all by CHI
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Artistic Director: Lisa Marie Garcia Stylists: Rocky Vitelli, Leonel Rodriguez Assistants: Cindy Penton, Jessie Mancini Make up: Elena Pacienza Photographer: Babak, assisted by Felix Wardrobe by “I Clothing Co” Laura Apiers
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