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Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara Demo

Erin Edwards | July 11, 2011 | 12:23 AM

The days of daily mascara application may soon be a thing of the past as Cry Baby introduces a semi-permanent solution. Modern Salon TV checked out the new service from Cry Baby in a recent episode.

This demo was shot at O Salon and Spa in Mundelein, Illinois, using a semi-permanent mascara called Cry Baby. It's a 30-minute process, which many salons and spas are charging $50-$75. The artist at O Salon and Spa charged $35 for just the top lashes, $25 for just the bottom and $50 for both top and bottom.

Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara Demo


Here are steps to prep for and apply Cry Baby mascara:

Step One: Have client remove eye make-up, but go in with a cosmetic brush and remove any remaining make-up.

Step Two: Apply eye pads to the bottom of the eye, under the lashes so the lashes are covered. This prevents the top lashes from sticking to the bottom during application.

Step Three: Apply primer to the top lashes, fully coating the tops and bottoms of the lashes.

Step Four: Use an eyelash curler to boost the lash's curl. Our artist prefers a heated lash curler.

Step Five: Mix your mascara formula. Our artist uses Cry Baby Mascara. Add more fibers in with the coating agent for a thicker appearance, less fibers for natural-looking mascara.

Step Six: Beginning on top, apply the mascara. Separate the lashes using a pick.

Step Seven: Use the mister to help dry the mascara and to help relieve any irritation the client may feel. Repeat on the opposite eye.

Step Eight: Remove the eye pads from on top of the bottom lashes, and place it below the lashes to prevent any residue from falling on the face.

Step Nine: Apply the primer on the bottom lashes.

Step Ten: Apply mascara on the bottom lashes, fully coating the top and bottom of each lash. Use a pick to separate the lashes. Then, use the mister on the bottom lashes. Repeat on opposite side.

Step Eleven: Remove any excess product from the client's skin.

Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara Demo

This service is great for vacations, active lifestyles and brides-to-be who don't want to cry off their mascara. The mascara should last an average of two weeks with the proper care.


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