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Brig Van Osten Gives Radical Makeover

Erin Edwards | July 11, 2011 | 12:24 AM

Shear Genius season three winner and always creative stylist Brig Van Osten knows the keys to keeping loyal clients. By remaining professional, appreciative and a good listener, Van Osten has earned the most important element of a stylist-client relationship: trust. It was this sense of trust that allowed 11-year client, Kelly Wahlstrom-Jackson, to undergo a radical makeover at Van Osten’s hands.

The pair first met in 2000 at an ISSE show, where Van Osten chose Wahlstrom-Jackson as her model. Today, Wahlstrom-Jackson drives an average of eight hours (from Northern California to Van Osten’s Southern California p!ay hair lounge) every six-to-eight months to have her hair cut and styled by Van Osten.

"I continue to visit Brig for my hair because she makes me feel special,” she said. “Special and beautiful; special, to be able to get my hair done by such a talented, down-to-earth professional, and beautiful because every time I go to her, I feel refreshed and like I am looking the best I can possibly look. She adds to my confidence.”

Van Osten says she's always appreciated Wahlstrom-Jackson's open-mindedness when it comes to her hair. "Throughout our relationship she has been bold and always open to new ideas and usually comes with some terrific inspirations in hand," Van Osten said. "When Kelly e-mailed me to schedule and appointment for a new look, I right away jumped at the opportunity to capture it on film and in photographs."

Here's what Wahlstrom-Jackson looked like before the makeover:

Brig Van Osten Gives Radical Makeover

And here's the final product photo shoot:

Brig Van Osten Gives Radical Makeover

Brig Van Osten Gives Radical Makeover

Brig Van Osten Gives Radical Makeover

Brig Van Osten Gives Radical Makeover

Brig Van Osten Gives Radical Makeover
Hair by Brig Van Osten
Photography by Todd Jones

Brig Van Osten Gives Radical Makeover

Make-up by Laci Hill

Wardrobe by Kelly Wahlstrom-Jackson

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