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Farouk System's Leonel Rodriguez Chats about Miss USA

Maggie Mulhern | July 11, 2011 | 12:25 AM

Leonel Rodriguez, Farouk artist, was a key player in the Miss USA pageant held this past Sunday. He was the stylist in charge of Alyssa Campanella, Miss California who went on to be crowned Miss USA 2011. This was a particularly interesting winner because she is one of the first contestants to give credit to her HAIR for her success! A natural blonde, Alyssa mentioned she went red for a role, felt it fit her personality, and kept the vibrant shade. While it totally suits her skin tone as well, we learned that much of the length and volume can be credited to extensions! We asked Leonel some questions to get to the bottom of Miss USA's coif and the drama doing pageant hair.

Farouk System's Leonel Rodriguez Chats about Miss USA

Leo touches up Miss California after being crowned MISS USA.

1. What were your greatest challenges working behind the scenes during the pageant?

The limited space backstage to work and the time that we had to finish the contestants, but it is so exciting that you focus on the hair and don't care about the small things.

2. What were your greatest challenges working specifically on Alyssa Campanella?
For me it wasn't a challenge working with Miss California. I have styled pageants, fashion and hair shows around the world with Farouks Systems. I work with any type of hair--natural, chemically treated or extensions, I didn't have any issue to work with her.

3. Did you think she was going to win?
Yes absolutely! She always was one of my favorites. Aside from being very beautiful, she has a strong presence on stage and she is graceful and moves like a runway model.

4. She was one of the only contestants I have ever heard give a shout out to her hair color. Did that surprise you?
Well with all of the action backstage, I missed that part of her profile. I do think Hair and Make-up are so important in this kind of event. Of course all of them are beatiful but without the magic of a hairdrersser and make up artists I am not so sure hahahhahahahahahaha.
All the contestants should know and understand the role of hair and make-up and how it can bring out and highlight their best features.

5. I understand she had extensions....
Yes she did even her hair is long, she used them to add volume. Some of them are clip on. In the final she asked me to give her long, natural curls a la Victoria's Secret model. My CHI Digital Orbit did the trick. It's interesting because about 95 percent of the contestants had extensions.

6. Do you think she would have done as well with her natural hair color, length and volume?

Oh yes absolutely! She has such striking features.

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