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Lauren Salapatek | August 9, 2011 | 1:00 PM
Hair: DJ Riggs, Creative Director MAINENTRANCE Artists. Color: Berry Bachen, Creative Director MAINENTRANCE Artists Product: TIGI Colour
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Products and Tools: Shampoo and Conditioner: TIGI Urban Antidotes; Color: TIGI Colour Creative and Colour Modern Lightener; Flatiron: RSession Tools; Blower: Elchim; Shears: Hardcore 7-inch; Stylers: Root Boost by Catwalk Fast Fixx, Liquid Light serum by EDIA Cosmetics for Hair, Catwalk Sleek Mystique Hair Spray; Brush: Hardcore round brush; Nails: Hardcore round brush; Nails: Press on nails by KISS; Romeo & Joliet nail color by OPI; Lashes: False lashes by KISS; Eyeliner: NovaLash; Lip Color: Beauty Addicts; Foundation: Your Name Cosmetics; Moisturizer: Ecru
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Section the hair as shown, with two rectangles from the front hairline along the parietal in a diagonal back to the parietal ridge. The rectangles are connected with a "V" shape to form a diamond in the center of the crown.
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Begin the color below the rounds of the head. Outline the section and go into the regrowth in 1/2-inch sections working vertically. Permanent shade formula: TIGI Colour Creative equal parts 9/02 with 8/3, blended with 20-volume TIGI Colour activator to make a butterscotch shade.
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Pull the color through horizontally with a golden honey shade: TIGI Colour Creative equal parts 10/0 with 8/34, blended with 30-volume developer.
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Cover the lengths with Colour Meche strips.
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In the rectangles at front, apply the butterscotch shade in back-to-back slices on regrowth.
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Introduce a third shade (cream blonde) through the lengths and ends. Formula: TIGI Colour Modern Lightener with 20-volume.
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Continue through the rectangles.
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Fold the meche strips and place as shown.
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In the diamond section at the crown place the butterscotch shade at the root.
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Working diagonally, alternate the cream blonde and golden honey shades through the lengths.
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Process at room temperature for 35 minutes; shampoo and condition.
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