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Nick Arrojo Gives Tips to Empire Students

Erin Edwards | August 11, 2011 | 12:03 PM

In the latest episode of MODERN Salon TV, celebrity hairstylist Nick Arrojo shows his “Masters of Beauty” students at Empire Beauty School in New Jersey how to get creative with a stylist’s biggest asset—their hands!

 Watch the full episode here

“At the end of the day, when you become hairdressers, it’s all about what you do with these two [hands], not necessarily what you do with the brushes or the tools,” he says.

“Just by working with it, you can actually create a million different looks just by pulling the hair around and seeing how it all sits and fits around the face.”

By playing around with the model’s hair using his hands, Arrojo easily creates three different looks.

“When you see its going one way, learn to push it around and see what happens when you change and just work with your hands and your eye,” he explains. “You can create smoothness, different types of looks…and you have a different vision.”

Nick Arrojo Gives Tips to Empire StudentsNick Arrojo Gives Tips to Empire StudentsNick Arrojo Gives Tips to Empire Students

 Watch the full episode here, where MODERN gets a tour of Matrix Artistic Designer Nicholas French’s home in the Hamptons for a look at his personal archives of the beauty industry, stop by The Gathering in Las Vegas, take a look back at Christina Aguilera’s style evolution and so much more!

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