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2010 Professional Salon Haircolor Study shows Growth

Jan Hillenmeyer | August 11, 2011 | 1:23 PM

Professional Consultants & Resources, a leading strategic consulting company and professional beauty industry data source, has released its new in-depth 2010 Professional Salon Hair color Study.
The 2010 Professional Salon Hair color Study shows US salon hair color product dollars growing at 3.2 percent, making it the fastest-growing major product category in an economy that is emerging from a recession. This is In comparison to overall salon hair care growth, which was four percent. This growth came primarily from increased salon visits and minor price increases in both demi/semi and permanent hair color. Hair color services grew by 3.3 percent, as clients’ frequency of salon visits and demands for hair color services started to rebound.

Below are just some of the major findings detailed in the 2010 Professional Salon Hair Color Study:

•    Hair color makes a big comeback and is projected to grow to mid-to-single digits by 2015.
•    Salon Industry distribution realignments have abated, so all salon hair color companies can grow.
•    Hair color is the “AXIS SERVICE” that generates other salon services and sales for hair care products.
•    Salon hair color services grew 3.3 percent as booth rentals continue taking an increased share of business.
•    Demi & semi permanents register a much higher growth and nearly double the overall category.
•    Permanent hair color grew at slower rates: Growth is lower than the category rate and indicates a new trend.
•    Crèmes & gels now surpass liquid hair color sales in the United States for a major paradigm shift.
•    The study features hair color trends from top US master colorists.
•    The study examines hot style and color trends, like the “Beckham Bob," the "Pob,” “Mop,” “Aniston,” "Hollywood Glam," "Peek-a-boo" and the market impact of these trends.
•    Basic Cut and  Color service are in demand at booth rental salons and  multi-chromatic, face framing highlights are very popular

“A really surprising finding is that Sally Beauty’s ION brands have grown so dramatically that they are now the fourth largest hair color marketer, “ says Bulsara, president of Professional Consultants and Resources.

The study contains a new section on hair color shipment market shares for all leading hair color manufacturers by categories.
Electronic copies are now available for immediate transmission and hardcopies by overnight.

For purchasing information, pricing or questions regarding the 2010 Professional Salon Industry Haircolor Study,  contact Cyrus Bulsara, president, Professional Consultants & Resources, at: [email protected] or visit

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