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Organic Salon Systems Launches Travel Size Products

August 31, 2011 | 11:12 AM

Organic Salon Systems Launches Travel Size Products

Organic Salon Systems, exclusive distributor of Organic Color, Curl, Care and Control Systems, as well as, Organic Connect has announced it will release new 50 ml travel sizes for six of its popular hair products.

Last year the 50 ml range of travel sizes were introduced to great success.  In an effort to continue this trend and provide customers with convenient sizes of their favorite products to take “on the go” Organic Salon Systems will be introducing six of its popular hair care and styling products in this compact range. Salon clients love these smaller sizes because they are perfect whether they are traveling to the gym or on vacation.  Salons find the 50 ml size to be a good way to introduce clients to the different retail products the salon offers.

The six newly sized products are as follows:

Organic Care Systems Status Quo Shampoo and Conditioner, 50 ml – Status Quo is formulated from certified organic extracts and organic oils to maintain the natural balance and condition of the hair, whilst protecting it from UV damage. It is gentle enough for everyday use.

Organic Care Systems Revamp Treatment, 50 ml – Revamp is a powerful treatment that restores the protein levels in the hair.

Organic Control Systems Glaze, 50 ml – Glaze provides the hair with body, hold and shine. The gentle, alcohol-free formulation increases the conditioning effects and does not damage the hair even if used regularly. The unique formula delivers important nutrients to the hair while providing great style and hold.

Organic Control Systems Spray Gloss, 50 ml – Spray Gloss is a unique, naturally based product that provides anti-frizz and high shine. The exceptional, lightweight formula includes Calendula Oil for increased shine and Green Tea Extracts as an anti-oxidant.

Organic Connect Thermal 2 Twenty, 50 ml – Thermal 2 Twenty is a revolutionary new styling product, designed to protect hair up to temperatures of 220° C (428° F). It has been designed to offer protection from heat caused by styling tools.  Thermal styling raises the cuticle of the hair, which can create friction during combing. Thermal 2 Twenty improves the smoothness of the hair’s surface and reduces friction, which allows for easier combing. Furthermore, it protects against significant loss of hair strength caused by heat. It also gives a light styling hold.

These products are currently available from Organic Salon Systems.  For more information on these products please visit

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