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David Babaii on Dianna Agron’s Sexy Cosmo Cover Look

Kelly Cison | September 1, 2011 | 9:51 AM

David Babaii on Dianna Agron’s Sexy Cosmo Cover LookDavid Babaii weighed in on versatile bobs last month (read it here: He’s back to talk about the sexy cover looks he created for Glee’s Dianna Agron, who appears on the September issue of Cosmopolitan. Babaii, who made news when he created Dianna’s texturized bob style this spring, has taken her look further with a trio of different styles on three Cosmo covers.

The overall theme for the cover looks was “Sexy.” Specifically, the three concepts were Elegant Sexy, Bad Ass Sexy and Wild Sexy. (Elegant Sexy is shown here; to see all the covers, check out Cosmo on newsstands now.)

“I actually came up with the three ‘sexy’ concepts for the three covers,” says Babaii. Although the hair and styling was tweaked for each look, they all give off a sexy, rock ’n roll vibe, he says. He believes each look stands on its own as well. “Each one is my favorite. Dianna loved them all too!”

To prep hair for the three looks, Babaii followed these steps:

1.     To start, he applied a small amount of Couture Colour Pequi Oil ( to the hair after towel drying. He massaged it into her tresses to add texture, strength and shine without weighing strands down.

2.     Next, he blow dried her hair with an ionic dryer, using his fingers to move her crop cut upward to create volume, while twisting small sections to create texture.

3.     Once dry, a medium hold non-aerosol hairspray allowed him to define and add additional texture to the hair.

To create the first look, "Elegant Sexy," shown here, Babaii sectioned Dianna’s hair down the middle using his finger to separate and create a de-structured part.

“On most photo shoots we have very little time to spend on a hairstyle, so everything has to be finished quickly,” he explains. “When the photos were taken for each look, I maybe had five minutes to quickly change her style.” They key to these quick-change looks, he adds, was the Pequi Oil, which lets him re-style or refresh a style without build-up.

For the two alternate looks, Babaii easily switched it up: For Bad Ass Sexy, he swept the fringe to the side and used Pequi Oil to create enhanced movement; and for Wild Sexy, he used an ionic blow dryer and his fingers to brush hair back.

Any hairdresser should be able to create many looks with a client’s style, he says. “As stylists we need to show our clients some quick, easy changes they can do to alter their look for various occasions. This is always good business and makes them happy.”

Dianna certainly seemed thrilled with her looks. When a fan tweeted: “I absolutely love @DiannaAgron's hair in this month’s Cosmo. Can I have it?” She responded, “Hear that @davidbabaiihair? He's the magician.”

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