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September 6, 2011 | 9:42 AM
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Comb the hair straight down and cut to the desired length in the back.
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Take vertical sections from along the occipital and project up. Cut to follow the shape of the head. Blend along the occipital in this manner, connecting the lengths to the crown lengths.
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Blend forward, chipping into the ends to connect the lengths.
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Pull up sections from the top of the head and cut to connect the sides with the back. Blend from front to back in one-inch sections, cutting to the guide.
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Direct the front forward and slide cut to create a face frame.
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Begin blow drying at the root. Hold up sections and blow at the root for lift.
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Using a medium-sized round brush, blow dry vertically back and away from the face.
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Blend around the perimeter, blow drying up and away from the face.
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Starting in the front, take one-inch vertical sections, twist and set in a large curling iron. Continue around the front.
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Then take a curling iron and curl the last half of the section.
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Return to the back. Take one-inch horizontal sections. Using a large crimping iron, crimp from the root to halfway down the section.
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Continue to crimp and curl each section up to just below the crown. The crown sections are to be curled from the root to cover the crimping.
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Fingercomb through the hair, directing back and away from the face.
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Carlo Bay creates a look with lift and texture.

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