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FASHION WEEK: Nails at Pamela Love

Lauren Salapatek | September 13, 2011 | 7:54 AM

The nail look at Pamela Love was inspired by the bohemian Moroccan theme of the collection," said essie manicurist, Elle Gerstein. "We drew inspiration for the reverse chevron French manicure, which exposes the nail's natural moon, from the tribal graphic element of the clothing and the triangular jewelry paired with the collection. Graphic nail design is a fun look and is also very on trend at the moment."

Create the look:

1. Start by painting the entire nail with essie nail polish in Topless and barefoot, an opaque matte nude as the base for the look. Let dry completely.

2. Then with essie's Little Brown Dress, a chocolate brown shade, paint at the diagonal from each corner of the nail bed to the tip to create the triangular shape. Start at the left side of the nail, brushing up to the middle on the diagonal and then, reverse, from the right side to finish the "V" formation.

3. Let nails set for two minutes and follow with Good to Go Top Coat for a perfect finish.

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