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Looks by Kevin Murphy at Melbourne Fashion Week Spring 2012

Lauren Salapatek | September 23, 2011 | 8:13 AM
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Melbourne Fashion Week Spring 2012 wrapped up last week, with KEVIN.MURPHY was the official hair care sponsor for the shows held September 5-11. As the event’s Hair Director, Kevin Murphy created the hair looks for the main Designer Series shows held the evenings of Tuesday 6th—Friday 9th. Shows included: Emily Ward, White Suede, Fernando Barraza, Dhini, Life with Bird, Megan Park, Aurelio Costarella and Alpha60, among many more.

Look 1: This sporty, edgy look was created by making the hair very straight and slicking it back into a high ponytail. Synthetic hot pink hair was added to natural hair and blended in using pink COLOR.BUG. A similar, more natural look could be created using just COLOR.BUG.HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY was used to prep the hair and SESSION.SPRAY, to finish it off. Murphy calls this look extreme Barbie.

Look 2: Murphy calls this 60s and 70s inspired look a mix of beehive and grandma, completed with an African influenced, wrapped, low ponytail. HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY was dried into damp hair to prep hair, giving it added body and texture with a soft, wispy finish.

Look 3: HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY was used to thicken hair and add texture, and then hair was wrapped around pins in a zig-zag pattern. The finished creation was a 70s style perm, with big, thick hair.

Look 4: Murphy calls this style 40s meets space age. The hair was wrapped into a French roll, but put off to the side with added texture for a more modern take on the post-war era style. BODY.BUILDER was used as the foundation; hair was teased then finished with SESSION.SPRAY for a wispy, nonchalant gamine look.

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