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Fall Shadings - Red

September 29, 2011 | 10:23 AM
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1. Section the hair as shown. One inch around hairline, two inches on the side to two inches in back. Top: a heavy circle section.
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2. Begin the application in the back hairline. Take a fi ne diagonal section and place on board. At root, apply Shades EQ Cream 09GC (to make a gold copper) with 10-volume Redken Pro-oxide.
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3. Through mid-lengths and ends, swiping slightly over previous section, apply Shades EQ Cream Clear with 10 volume. Crisscross to totally saturate and blend into previous section.
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4. Cover the section with foil to separate.
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5. For mid section, apply Shades EQ 07GC with 10 volume at the regrowth.
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6. Along the lengths of the mid section, apply 06G1 (gold iridescent) with 10-volume developer. Continue to crisscross and blend into the root shade to prevent any line of demarcation.
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7. In the top section, apply 07GC formula at the root and 06G1 along the lengths.
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8. Process for 20 minutes after the last application. Shampoo and condition.
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Fall Shadings - Red

For Arianna, Freeman’s goal was to evolve a summer color into a fall shade without going dramatically dark. “I want to take some worn out color and bring some life back into it,” says Freeman. To create the fluid finish, Freeman crisscrosses shades after placing depth at the one to two inches closest to the scalp. “It’s possible to create dimension without fine sections,” she continues. “You will get full-body color in less time.”

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