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Women of Beauty: Suzi Weiss-Fischmann

October 25, 2011 | 9:09 AM

First job in beauty: My first and only job in beauty began in 1982 as the co-Founder of OPI. I did work in fashion while going through college.

Tell us: Three highlights of your career:

  1. The rebranding of the company in 1989 is the biggest highlight of my career. This is when we made nail polish fun and sexy; we gave it a personality that it never had before.
  2. The second highlight of my career was turning nail polish into an accessory. It became the greatest and most accessible fashion accessory,
  3. Lastly, making a change within the industry has been a high point of my professional life. Now, women look at nail color and how it makes them feel. Nail lacquer has become a part of regular hygiene for most women; manicures are a part of life. Seeing this change occur was a major milestone of my career.

Beauty legend you respect: I respect Estee Lauder and what she accomplished in the industry. She was Hungarian like me and started something from nothing. Lauder made a difference in the cosmetic field. She changed how women felt about themselves and I can relate to that.

Choose beauty because: Beauty professionals make women feel good. We make them feel happy and provide instant gratification. We give them an affordable luxury.

Quote or mantra: My kids inspire me to do better every day!

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