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Novalash Expert Shares Her Favorite Tip

Katie Weiler | November 4, 2011 | 11:22 AM

Novalash Expert Shares Her Favorite TipThe most recent episode of MODERN SALON TV briefly discusses the art of eyelash extensions. Everyone agrees eyelash extensions can add instant beauty, but they have to be done right. Novalash Lash Artist of the year Christina Perez shares her favorite tip on finishing eyelash extensions. To finish off an eyelash application, set the adhesive with some moisture on the lash Novalash Expert Shares Her Favorite Tipand in the air. Typically she prefers to use Evian toning mineral water spray, but if that's not readily available, any regular water will work. In her live demonstration, Perez didn't have the Evian on hand, so she went ahead and used water in a spray bottle to mist an eyebrow-type brush with water and get it nice and wet. "The extra moisture on the lashes and in the air around the lashes is really going to help set the adhesive and dry it," Perez says. She coated them in water and let them dry with a small hand fan for about a minute. The finished lashes were amazing.

For a more extensive step-by-step from Perez on eyelash extensions, see MODERN's report in the November issue, p. 97.

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