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November 9, 2011 | 1:17 PM
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1. After shampooing, take entire front Mohawk section and project straight up. Beginning cut from the back of the section, start opening and closing shear, working from mid section.
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2. As you cut into the section, work on a diagonal, leaving the longest lengths on the front piece of the section.
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3. Blow dry to remove most of the moisture.
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4. Direct the fringe forward, use a clipper to shape and texturize, cutting along the surface.
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5. Go to the nape, lift up lengths of hair, and clean up the neck, leaving a more natural line.
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6. ‘Ski” into the sides with the Mitch trimmer to de-bulk.
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7. Apply Mitch Construction Paste from roots to ends, directing the hair back to the nape.
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8. Clean up the perimeter with a clipper.
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