Old Hollywood - Training the Next Generation

November 29, 2011 | 3:07 PM
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"My philosophy is to expose people to a way of thinking—to allow hairdressers to see the process, see how I see things, how I articulate what I am doing—so they can develop their own process." —Oribe
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"It’s really about teaching confidence. It’s about teaching the fact that you have to reference. The right type of confidence will carry you and the right references help create a vision." —Oribe
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Hair: Oribe
Hair color: Anthony Palermo
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Fashion styling: Elle Werlin
Make-up: Ana Marie Rizzieri

Old Hollywood - Training the Next GenerationOribe is one of the most renowned and respected hair designers working today. An integral part of Oribe Hair Care education, led by this icon, is focused on increasing the level of exposure for the creative leads and rising stars of Oribe Network Salons.

This exposure includes access to backstage moments—whether that means joining the styling team at European and U.S. fashion shows, working with top photographers or participating in intimate ateliers where decades of behind-the-scenes secrets and tips are shared and perfected.

The latter was the case at the most recent Oribe Atelier held in New York City at the Canoe Studios. In addition to the workshops and intense demonstrations held throughout the two-day event, salon professionals watched as Oribe, with assistance from Judy Erickson and Louis Orozco, created modernized versions of vintage Hollywood glamour shapes and designs. Using wigs for most of the designs, Oribe cut, reshaped and styled each to best suit the model for a perfect finish.

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