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Winter Moods - Nails

November 30, 2011 | 10:34 AM
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1. Create the desired nail shape. In this case, using artifi cial nails, shape into an oval, keeping long for a dramatic effect.
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2. Apply base coat.
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3. Apply two coats of “Oilslick” covering the entire nail.
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4. Go down the center of the nail with Emerald Shimmer Effect.
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5. Swipe down the left side of the nail, slightly overlapping the middle, with Ice Blue Shimmer Effect.
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6. Swipe down the right side, slightly overlapping the middle, with Violet Shimmer Effect.
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7. Go over with Copper Shimmer Effect, sealing the entire nail.
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8. Apply Air Dry Top Coat. Then, apply a moisturizing lotion to the hand and fingers. Top finished manicure with SolarOil.
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Candice Manacchio, CND nail designer, takes her title as a nail artist quite seriously and is constantly creating new looks and designs for CND, and for any client lucky enough to lay her hands on her table. While playing around with colors and the CND “Effects” line, Manacchio created what she calls the “Mood Technique,” a shimmering finish that creates a mood-changing effect in different lights and from different angles. The look is created by utilizing a base shade covered by three different “Effects” shades applied vertically from center, left and then right, all overlapping in the center. CND leaders were so impressed that this technique is now part of their seasonal training.

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