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Combs Infused with Oils and Keratin

Lauren Salapatek | December 8, 2011 | 3:25 PM
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Cricket's Ultra Smooth Comb Collection is unique in that its infused with Keratin protein and a special blend of argan and olive oils—this helps to reduce frizz without leaving residue on hands.

The two oils helps hydrate and repair damaged hair, while smoothing the hair cuticle for a conditioned, healthy look. The keratin improves strength, shine and manageability, while reducing frizz. Each of these combs are ergonomically designed to glide through the hair easily.

These combs are also sanitizable—in order to preserve the oils and keratin in the combs, Cricket recommends washing them in an antibacterial soap with warm water. You also may be wondering, how long does the oil and keratin last in the combs? According to Cricket, as long as the combs are in the original packaging the oil/keratin lasts at least three years.

Once the combs are removed from the packaging and exposed to open air, the oil/keratin will slowly evaporate from the surface of the comb (the oil is always part of the resin, just the percentage decreases with age). This process doesn't really start until 4-6 months after the initial usage.

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