Cool New App: The HairPro Tracker

Maggie Mulhern | December 23, 2011 | 8:53 AM

How cool is this! HairPro Tracker is a new iPhone and iPad application designed specifically for SALON PROFESSIONALS looking to earn more by doing what they love. According to founder and salon professional Tara O’Connell, “It’s innovative and highly intuitive, and this app tracks and analyzes earnings, goals, most profitable services and more. The goal is to help you work SMARTER….not harder!”

Here’s what it tracks:
•       Average hourly rate
•       Services that fall below the average hourly rate
•       Most profitable services
•       Most profitable clients
•       Past paycheck bar graph
•       Which add-on services make the most money
•       Average money earned per client purchase
•       Services performed
•       Daily, weekly and monthly reports
•       Percent to goal
•       Net income is at the end of each day

So for those low-techies among us, I got the scoop on how it works….

Enter the time for individual services and commission rate just once during setup—sliding scale, straight, or leveled. HairPro Tracker has the most common rates listed (however custom services may be added). Then, after an appointment, simply enter which services were performed and any price or time adjustments.  Says Tara,  “Through my years of working in the salon industry, I saw many amazing stylists unable to reach their full income potential because they did not have the tools to analyze their own business. There is so much opportunity for more money and job fulfillment for stylists that it has become my passion to help them realize their full value. HairPro Tracker provides the easiest and most simple way to do that. "

HairPro Tracker is available for download now for a one time price of $8.99 in the iPhone app store and at

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