Paradigm: Cutting Class

Alison Alhamed | December 29, 2011 | 2:28 PM
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1. Take a vertical parting in the center back. Using medium projection, position fingers for high graduation and cut parallel to fingers. Move the guide to each new section through the area behind the ear.
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2. Use a stationary guide to cut the remaining lengths. Repeat the same techniques on the other side.
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3. Take a pie-shaped section at the front left side of the crown section. Cut a mobile guide using a length guide from the exterior and a razor-peeling technique for the first four partings.
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4. Then converge the remaining lengths to a stationary guide. Work to the center back, then repeat the same techniques on the right side.
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5. Isolate the hair in front of the left ear. Use diagonal-forward partings, medium projection and a length guide from the back and razor etch.
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6. Use a stationary guide in the crest. Converge the remaining partings to the guide working to the top of the section. Repeat on the right side.
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7. On both sides in the back, alternate the following sequence twice: Level 9 gold blonde with Level 8 redviolet blond, leaving natural hair between foils. Use the same sequence in the front with diagonal partings. In the exterior and between foils apply Level 7, beige blond. Apply a Level-10 blonde in the kite shape. Process, rinse, shampoo and condition prior to styling.
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Celebrating 50 years of operation in 2012, Pivot Point International’s award-winning educational programs are used in cosmetology schools and advanced centers in 80 countries.

Pivot Point International artist Vic Piccolotto demonstrates the Paradigm technique to create a strong shape with bright, clean variations of blonde tones. High graduation is used in the exterior, while layers in the crown overlap the back exterior. Graduated lengths are cut in the sides and front, softly blended with the crown lengths.

Hair: Vic Piccolotto for Pivot Point International
Photography: Lisa Sciascia and David Placek
Make-up: Sharon Casey for
Fashion styling: Patric Chauvez and Sam Sok for

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