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Unlike Most Other Markets

Steve Reiss | January 5, 2012 | 8:58 AM

UNLIKE MOST OTHER MARKETS where charitable initiatives are seasonal or annual, giving back in the salon industry is year-round. I am constantly impressed by and proud of our industry’s seemingly bottomless capacity to help, inspire and support others.

Just try to find a cause that the salon industry is not involved in. From health concerns to natural disasters to local community needs, salons and beauty brands are there with help and resources. From Joplin, Missouri, to Seal Beach, California, and every place or program of need in between, the professional beauty industry steps up. Across MODERN SALON Media, hardly a day goes by without coverage of some charitable project.

One reason? The front lines of a salon are powerfully mobilizing forces. Stylists, nail techs and skin care professionals have that invaluable connection, influence and engagement with their clients. We talk about it all the time when we’re encouraging them to focus on building their personal and professional business, to sell more retail, to prescribe more services. But we know that because of their spirit, their generosity and their compassion, that reaching out to get support for causes that are important to them is always going to be a strong motivator.

We must also acknowledge that this beautiful power of giving back trickles up throughout our entire industry. From individual stylists to salons to schools, distributors, suppliers and associations, we see an unprecedented level of giving back at every level. For unlike many businesses that are all about business, our business is about people. And that sets us apart.

In this month and season of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for all the wonderful people in the professional beauty industry and all you do on a daily basis to “give back,” whether for a formal cause or for the ongoing (and critical) cause of supporting the success of our shared community of beauty professionals.

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