Men’s Landscape

January 10, 2012 | 12:32 PM
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Arno the bling bling
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John the Nordic
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Perry the Surfer
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Sherlock the Detective
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Soren the Sailor
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Youri the Manga
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The men’s collection created by Team XYZ turns standard looks completely around by offering re-invented styles where imagination and psyche prevail. At the same time these visions symbolically give a look of raw art. The artists in this collection searched for the “best environment” for each individual and wanted to explore a landscape of men with diverse personalities.

Hair: Séverine Tieleman, Michaël Del Bianco, Yoni Hernandez, Olivier Thonnon
Photography: Laurent Evard
Make-up: Aurélia Vandermeulen
Art Direction: Séverine Tieleman and Michaël Del Bianco
Fashion: Giovanni Biasiolo

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