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January 11, 2012 | 12:22 PM

Luxury Care

Beth Minardi, one of the industry’s leading hair color experts and educators, has channeled her knowledge and creativity to create Minardi Color Care, a cleansing, conditioning and styling line for color-treated hair. Minardi Color Care is formulated to meet specifc needs depending upon the hair’s condition and the type of color service the client has received. The ingredient base of botanical extracts ensures improved shine and condition for color treated hair.

The new line is available in three systems: Weightless for semi- or demipermanent colored hair, Balancing for hair treated with permanent color, and Nourishing for high-lift color or bleaching services.

Minardi Color Care also includes Pre-Wash Therapy, an intensive treatment applied to dry hair either in the salon or at home. Styling products include Abundance Volumizing Foam, Root Life Elevating Mist, Subdue Frizz Restraining Crème, Pieces Soft Hold Pomade and Gel Cocktail Adjustable Hold Gel.

“The color-treated hair fiber should be as shiny, supple, strong, healthy and luxurious as virgin hair,” says Minardi. With Minardi Color Care, we want to give colorists the best ammunition to keep clients returning to their chair.” Visit

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