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Pureology: Waste Not

January 11, 2012 | 3:23 PM

Pureology: Waste Not

Pureology has a new look. The popular formulations have remained the same, but the new bottles have a unique shape and are designed to ensure that all product is dispensed without any product waste. The shampoo and conditioner bottles are an efficient team at the back bar or for retail with cap-on-the-bottom conditioner bottles for easier use.

The new bottles are completely recyclable and are manufactured with 50-percent post-consumer materials. The packaging for both shampoos and conditioners uses almost 40 percent less water in the manufacturing process.

Pureology products still contain the same concentrated natural plant extracts, aromatherapy fragrances and rich lather. All product packaging remains color-coded according to the specific type of color treated hair for which they are designed. Visit

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