Farouk Announces New Products, Touch-Screen Dryer

January 13, 2012 | 8:52 AM

MODERN SALON Media news editor Jan Hillenmeyer and Publisher Steve Reiss are reporting live from Farouk Systems’ semi-annual distributor meeting in Houston, Texas, where founder Farouk Shami and company executives Gregg Emory, Jason Yates and the entire marketing, sales and education team have made two major announcements to launch the new year.
The first headliner is the preview of the new Allure collection, this collection of styles features precision cutting and color placement. The Allure trend represents the company's long-time philosophy of supporting “environmental beauty," placing a premium on the health of both the stylist and client. Farouk Systems has improved its CHI Ionic color with new dyes. According to Shami, the color has always been ammonia-free, but is now also free of PPD's (aka Phenylenediamine), a common hair dye that has the potential to cause severe allergic reactions. 

The second news item is a “high-tech” buzz builder. They shared a sneak peek of the new CHI Touch, an innovative ionic blow dryer Shami says will "revolutionize the beauty industry,” by utilizing the latest touch-screen technology and other unique features and benefits. In addition to multiple power and temperature settings, 1800 watts of power and a quiet motor, the dryer’s touch screen control panel allows easy adjustments of settings, including the ability to enter the client's hair type to customize ion output and other levels. The dryer also “remembers” previous settings and according to Farouk Systems, weighs 40% less than standard blow dryers while drying hair 50 percent faster.

Shami describes the launch as being “one of our biggest in years,” and also announced that it will debut in tandem with the company’s second annual sponsorship of an episode of Celebrity Apprentice, slated for early May 2012.
Stay tuned to and for more details.

(Editorial Director Michele Musgrove, News Editor Jan Hillenmeyer and Associate Editor Lauren Salapatek contributed to this report.)

Farouk Announces New Products, Touch-Screen Dryer

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