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Farouk Systems Committed to Change

Jan Hillenmeyer | January 16, 2012 | 1:27 PM
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Farouk Shami, founder of Farouk Systems, welcomes guests to the annual International Distributor Conference.
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CHI dryers are available in a variety of limited edition finishes.
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Farouk Systems President Gregg Emery (left) welcomes Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jason Yates to the stage.
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John McCall, business partner in Farouk Systems, discusses the company and its founder.
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Rosie Grijalva, education department manager, with newly appointed Vice President of Education and Shows Lisa Marie Garcia.
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Scott Emery, senior vice president of international sales, presented a review of 2011 business.
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We’re back from the 2012 Farouk Systems Distributor Meeting held January 12- 13 in Houston where distributors worldwide got a sneak peek at what is in store in the coming year. The meeting focused on new products, new packaging and a renewed commitment to making the industry safer for salon professionals, clients and the environment.

The company is continuing with its Be Safe, Be Beautiful, Buy American campaign reflecting its goals of providing healthy product ingredients, fighting counterfeiting and diversion and bringing manufacturing back to the US.

The show opened with an introduction to the new Allure style collection created by the Farouk Systems Global Artistic Board.

Company Founder Farouk Shami addressed the audience with a recap of 2011, a banner year for the company with an emphasis on innovation.

“Recession is a state of mind, “ said Shami. “Recession is not a time to sit still. It is a time to grow and evolve.”

One way the Company has evolved, is by implementing product improvements, especially with the CHI Ionic hair color brand, which now features new, safer dyes and the addition of ceramics, flying in the face of the conventional wisdom that kept metallics out of hair color.

“We become super motivated by a problem or challenge,” Shami said. A life-threatening reaction to ammonia led him to the creation of ammonia-free hair color 25 years ago and reported reactions to PPD, a common hair dye, lead to CHI Ionic’s new safer dyes.

“We will not sell dangerous products to the people who support us and we want the hair to be in perfect condition,” he said.

The announcement of the new CHI Touch Hair Dryer with touch screen technology was a highlight of the meeting. CHI Touch allows total individualized control to blow-drying with a touch screen control panel. Farouk Systems President Gregg Emery called the new dryer a “game changer,” and the audience agreed. “Farouk Systems is focused on innovation, not replication,” said Emery.

Jason Yates, vice president of sales and marketing, announced new products and promotions and noted the success of the Royal Treatment line, which helped boost the company’s liquid sales adding diversity beyond styling tools. CHI Enviro was a successful smoothing system launch in 2011, along with re-launched Orbits irons.  CHI Total Protect Spray-in Treatment for all hair types and Stay Smooth Blow Out Lotion, which will help grown CHI Enviro, are planned for 2012.

“We have specific promotions, “ Yates told distributors. “We do not want to overload you with too many deals that will leave you playing catch up.”
Yates presented a marketing calendar with special promotions in one or two-month periods throughout 2012.

In 2012, the company will also introduce new packaging that better reflects Farouk Systems’ safety and environmental responsibilities. All the new packaging features QR codes with educational videos.

Lisa Marie Garcia, newly named vice president of education and shows, discussed the company’s continued emphasis on education at shows, at Farouk’s Houston academy and at distributor events around the country.  Farouk Systems presented more than 5,000 educational classes during 2011.

The general session was followed by breakout sessions for domestic distributors, international distributors and chain salon management.

“The United States was built on innovation,” said Shami and we are proud to be the American company that is built on environmental beauty and the support of innovation. We are committed to changing the beauty industry."

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