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TIGI Shifts to Direct Sales Strategy

Jan Hillenmeyer | February 2, 2012 | 2:45 PM

Vince Davis, general manager of TIGI Americas, today announced that the company has launched a team of direct sales specialists to handle full-service sales of Bed Head, B4M, Catwalk, S-factor, Rockaholic, Hair Reborn, Copyright Colour and TIGI Cosmetics to salons in the U.S. The brands will also continue to be available to professionals for purchase through distributor partners’ store networks.

“Effective immediately, we now have a dedicated, highly trained team to service, market, educate, train and ship TIGI products directly to your salon,” Davis said.  

TIGI Direct Sales Specialists will provide salons with business and merchandise planning, customized education  (locally and through flagship SOHO Academy in New York City and Learning Lab in TIGI headquarters outside Dallas, TX), value-added promotions and incentives, re-launched In Crowd Salon Loyalty programs, Customer Support Hotline and full-time TIGI Copyright Colour product hotline.

More details on the conversion and its benefits are spelled out in a letter out in a special e-letter announcement to salon professional customers and prospects. Watch your inbox for details, or sign up now at to receive special alerts from MODERN SALON. 

For more info, email [email protected] or call 800-259-8596.

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