Pureology Styles Hair at Eco-Fashion Show

Lauren Salapatek | February 7, 2012 | 9:14 AM

Pureology Styles Hair at Eco-Fashion ShowAs an ongoing supporter of Global Green USA, Pureology stylists led the Eco-Chic Fashion Show hair team at Global Green USA’s 7th Annual Gorgeous and Green benefit in San Francisco, which celebrated the organization’s smart climate solutions.

      The Eco-Chic Fashion Show showcased top designers including Oliver Tolentino, Minolya, Daniel Sudar, PACT and Karen Caldwell who blend high style with sustainability. Pureology stylists Natasha Sunshine and Sherilynn Smart, co-led the Eco-Chic Fashion Show with the Pureology hair team including PureArtists Stacey (Rae) Barnes and Shara Deaton. “We collaborated with Lily Achatz, the eco-fashion show producer to develop the hair concept for the show—the vision was to juxtapose the elegant, sustainable designs with an edgy hair theme using many different curling irons,” says the team.


  1. Heat two small curling irons (a ½-inch barrel and a ¾-inch barrel).
  2. Spray a protective primer before curling each 1-inch sized section with smaller iron first. Continue until the entire nape is set. Switch to the larger ¾-inch iron and continue curling, leaving roots straight.
  3. Place long clips at the line of separation between curl and straight hair. Hairspray. Let hair set under heat for 15 minutes.
  4. Break up curls and lace or tease under side of the hair for extra volume. Leaving long clips in, give a final round of hair spray. Remove clips to finish the look.

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