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Wrinkle Prevention Pillow

Jan Hillenmeyer | February 10, 2012 | 5:13 PM

About Face Products has introduced the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow, an ergonomically designed pillow that supports the head, neck and spine with a "memory foam" design that lifts and cradles the head to prevent the permanent lines and wrinkles that can develop in the face and neck during sleep.

Patty Colman, president of About Face Products, is a beauty sleep expert who reports the American Academy of Dermatologists has cautioned that sleeping in certain positions on the side and stomach can literally etch lines into the skin that do not disappear. The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow is one more weapon in the arsenal of anti-aging products. The pillow's unique shape elevates the head and prevents the accumulation of fluids that account for puffiness around the eyes. The pillow is covered in a silk pillowcase and is available in four colors. The suggested retail price is $99. For more information, visit

Wrinkle Prevention Pillow

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