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David Widjaja on the Importance of Fashion

Maggie Mulhern | February 20, 2012 | 1:31 PM

David Widjaja takes every photosession quite seriously. Even though he knows that many of the fashions will be cropped out, he still brings head to toe designer garb. Not only does he bring tights and shoes, he even brings purses and other non essential accessories. It inspires all of us....photographer Roberto Ligresti, make up artist David Maderich, any model with us that day...and ALWAYS the hairdesigner working on set. Widjaja has unprecedented access to the top showrooms in NYC and travels around the world working on advertisements, magazine covers, celebrity events, openings and any thing else where a fashion pro is needed. While Modern Salon Media may not be VOGUE when it comes to fashion, it DOES inspire Widjaja to take the extra steps to find interesting "croppable" designs that don't take away from the star of the show....the BEAUTY. The fashions he selects for Modern shoots always have interesting necklines and appropriate color and texture to complement what he knows will be a fantastic hair finish.

"Maggie, what is the theme," he asks before each shoot. "Is there a specific At least tell me which issue!" While frequently we are locked down on concept from day one, there are other "open" shoots where we don't have the answers to these questions until days before the session, as our hairdesigner for the day doesn't know what he or she is doing until the model is selected. Such was the case at our shoot yesterday. Although we knew we were shooting with Alison Roberts of the Revolver Salon in NYC, SHE did not have a concept until she met model Mika at the casting late last week. "Sixties," said Roberts the moment Mika walked through the door behind a sea of models with long blonde hair. "Mika is inspiring me! She is perfect for a Sassoon inspired bob."

That information was immediately sent to Widjaja who got busy. After looking at the model's details (height/size), he did what he always does. "I went to some of my favorite showrooms to 'pull' some pieces," he says. "It's always great to have a theme or inspiration. Even if its something as simple as 'sophisticated' or 'edgy'...that makes a big difference." Widjaja knows that most magazines work months in advance, "But I always try to find season-less pieces," he says. "It just gives every shoot a longer life."

In this video you will see some of the designer items he pulled for our Alison Roberts expected to run anytime between May and August. But more importantly, you will get GREAT information if you decide to your own photosession. Widjaja offers great guidance to any fashion stylist working on a beauty shoot.

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