Bruno Mars' Casual Pompadour

Lauren Salapatek | February 23, 2012 | 2:11 PM

Wondering how to achieve Bruno Mars' casual pompadour? "This classic, short back and side with longer disconnected top, works very well to create a modern square face shape that is groomed, yet casual," says Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney. Wondering how to achieve the cut? Get the cutting steps below!


  1. Section the hair temple to temple. Cut a tight square fitted shape. Keep the top area longer to approximately nose length.
  2. Take a vertical parting on the top center of the head and cut from crown to longer length at front hair line. The crown should connect into the back area, but the top should not connect into side/temple area.
  3. The top should be layered so that it is not heavy. When the front is combed back, it will flow into the side area. Keep disconnected.
  4. Finally scissor over comb around the hair line to create an ultra-tight, smooth, natural hair line.



Straight Hair: Allow to dry naturally. Then style on dry hair with Design Collection Dry Spray Wax.

Wavy, Coarse Hair:
Try shampooing with Joico’s Moisture Recovery or Smooth Cure (if the hair is really wavy or curly is kinky.) Then blow dry with a Denman Brush to stretch, smooth and direct hair away from the face.

Bruno Mars' Casual Pompadour

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