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Creating a Goldwell Color Zoom Entry with Dimitrios Tsioumas

Lauren Salapatek | February 24, 2012 | 11:12 AM
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Elements to consider when creating your 2012 Color Zoom Entry.
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Elements to consider when creating your 2012 Color Zoom entry.
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Elements to consider when creating your 2012 Color Zoom entry.
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Tsioumas talks about his "Concept to Creation" behind his 2012 Goldwell Color Zoom Entry.
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In a series of webinars and documentary-style webisodes from February 27 to June 30, stylists can tune into to watch Goldwell International Master Dimitrios Tsioumas’ step-by-step process of creating an entry for the Color Zoom Challenge. Each of the webinars will teach viewers a component of what is needed to put together a winning submission.

Each year Goldwell’s International Creative Team debuts a series of new looks/trends for stylists to interpret. Stylists can either choose to bring these ideas back to the salon, or become part of this Color Zoom team by entering the Color Zoom Challenge. The challenge this year is to interpret Goldwell’s 2012 trend, FasciNature, which reflects on the brilliant colors and endless shapes found throughout nature in plants, leaves, flowers and the surreal beauty of the undersea world.

“The competition is really about the beauty and the perfection of hair color, styling and things that are fascinating in nature,” says Tsioumas. “The FasciNature collection looks at biomimicry, surreal natural elements, and imitating them into an overall look. The shapes and diversity in the cuts are all about asymmetry to play up the hair color.”

In each of the webinars, Tsioumas reveals the important elements in creating a winning Color Zoom entry. In addition to these LIVE webinars, stylists can also tune into the webisodes where they can go behind-the-scenes with Tsioumas as he talks about how he creates a storyboard, conducts a model call, meets with a photographer/make-up artist/wardrobe stylist, how he preps a model and conducts a photo shoot.

In the upcoming webinar, debuting Monday, February 27, Tsioumas will delve into how you can create a winning concept through bringing together all of your inspirations. Tsioumas will also give you a behind-the-scenes look at how he creates a storyboard concept. See below for a list of topics for the following webisodes (each are 10 to 12 minutes in length).

Episode 2: March 5, 7 p.m. ET

THE MODEL CALL: What should a stylist look for when casting models? How do you effectively screen models and consult with them? What is the difference between casting a model for a photo shoot than for a show or a class? Tsioumas gives practical and creative advice for picking the perfect model.

Episode 3: March 12, 7 p.m. ET

MEETING WITH THE PHOTOGRAPHER, MAKE-UP ARTIST AND STYLIST: On shoot day, nothing can be left to chance…your photographer, make-up artist and wardrobe stylist are your key team players. It’s important that you all be on the same page. Tsioumas shares his secrets for how to relay his vision and gain input from all of the key players on ideas to make the end result even better!

Episode 4: March 19, 7 p.m. ET

THE PREP: Having a plan for your prep work is essential to success. You already have your model and your team, now you need to make sure that your work proceeds flawlessly. This is the time to have a well thought-out plan on how to make your vision for the hair come to life. This webisode will feature Tsioumas talking about his secrets to staying organized and focused throughout the prep process.

Episode 5: March 26, 7 p.m. ET

THE SHOOT: It’s showtime! Learn the on-set secrets of making sure your vision translates to the final image. Prep, prep, prep and then let the process happen! MODERN will have the behind-the-scenes look while Tsioumas works to create the perfect image with his photographer partner. THEN, stay tuned to MODERN SALON magazine for the big reveal of Tsioumas' finishes.

So are you ready to set the trends? Each finalist of the National Awards for the USA Color Zoom Challenge 2012 will receive a $1,000 cash award, two training/mentoring sessions at a Kao USA Academy facility, and a package for two to London to compete in the live finale.

If you win on the international level at the live, hands-on competition in London you will be awarded with the title Global Creative Colorist, Global New Talent Colorist or Global Partner Colorist. You will also become a member of the new international Color Zoom Creative Team that will create the next Color Zoom Collection 2014.

All entries must be received by May 31, 2012 to be considered. For more information and to enter the competition, visit

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