Spring Equinox

Alison Alhamed | March 7, 2012 | 9:53 AM
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Hair and color: Alan Edwards Styling: Andrew Mitchell Formula: INOA 10.01, INOA 10.1, INOA 8.1, INOA Oleo Gel, INOA Rich Oxydant 20/30 Volume, Platinium Ammonia-free, Platinium Nutri-developer
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Hair: Jo Hansford Color: Jaclyn Smith Styling: Nicole Whittock Formula: INOA 7.33, INOA 9.3, INOA Oleo Gel, INOA Rich Oxydant 20/30 Volume
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Hair: Charles Worthington Color: Carolyn Newman Styling: Marc Trinder Formula: INOA 8, INOA 9, INOA 10, INOA Oleo Gel, Rich Oxydant 20/30 Volume
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Hair: Rush Color: Chris Williams Styling: Tina Farey Formula: INOA 5.56, INOA Oleo Gel, INOA Rich 20/30 Volume
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Hair: Trevor Sorbie Color: Nathan Walker Styling: Julia Nerpel Formula: INOA 4.15, INOA 5.12, INOA 7.23, INOA Oleo Gel, INOA Rich Oxydant 20/30 Volume
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A change in seasons often translates to a change in color formulas for clients. Because of this impending transformation time, the L’Oréal Professionnel global team created new services using INOA hair color—including a daring red, golden blonde, sensuous brunette and an opulent ash.

“These color services will inspire colorists to place tones together that they may not have used together before,” says Jennifer MacDougal, L’Oréal Professionnel Portfolio Artist. “The shapes of the hair cuts also are inspiring and may transition a client from one season to the next.”

The finishes are part of the INOA Scrapbook, a collection of trends exploring the combinations and possibilities using the ammonia- free hair color.

“The scrapbook is a great tool for consultations with clients,” MacDougal says. “Colorists can show the scrapbook to clients and replicate the color formulas and placement, or modify to suit their own creativity and needs.”

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