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March 7, 2012 | 11:26 AM
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1. Section hair as shown, leaving a triangular veil at the top.
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2. Apply 6NN deep brown with 10-volume developer in foil packets in the side sections. Color is placed in fine slices pulled from ¼-inch partings.
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3. Apply equal parts 6NN and 4RR with 20 volume (a deep red brown) to the base.
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4. Then go through to the ends with 4RR and 10-volume developer (a dark red).
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5. Begin the cut in the back. Bring down hair from below the occipital. Cut straight across to the desired length. Blend forward angling slightly in the front, all below the parietal.
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7. Take the top center section and project up. Cut to desired length, cutting to follow the shape of the head.
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8. Work down along the parietal lifting sections up to this point and cutting to the guide.
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9. Direct the top and sides forward and cut at an angle to leave a long, soft face frame. Then, blow dry over a round brush to smooth.
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10. To cut the fringe, take the section, twist and cut to desired length. Then point-cut into the ends to soften and texturize.
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6. Now lift up the section along the occipital. Point cut into the ends.
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Small Changes Big ResultsWhen designing looks for his graying clients, Philip Ferreira, lead design stylist for Clairol Professional, believes soft styles for mature clients regularly work best. “Today, short or long can suit anyone as long as it’s done properly,” says Ferreira. “A good stylist will combine personality and facial features for perfect suitability.”

Before he started cutting, Ferreira called on Anita Gutierrez, lead color master for Clairol Professional, to address the color concerns on his model Stephanie, who represents a common salon client, with bands of multiple shades from home coloring.

Gutierrez has encountered multiple challenges with gray hair coverage, but has learned how to tackle one of the biggest problems: offering natural-looking shades that are multi-dimensional.

Color: Anita Gutierrez for Clairol Professional
Cut: Philip Ferreira for Clairol Professional
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: Patycja Korzeniak
Fashion styling: David Widjaja

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