How To: Shadow People - Mod Inspired

March 7, 2012 | 3:43 PM
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1. After shampooing and conditioning, apply Control Freak Serum as a cutting lotion.
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2. Begin by taking a curved horseshoe section to isolate the top from the bottom. Starting at the front hairline, take a diagonal back section, elevate the hair to 45 degrees and cut to decrease length. Continue the technique until the back of the ear is reached.
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3. Behind the ear now becomes a stationary 45 degrees and all remaining diagonal back sections are over directed to the stationary guide in order to build up more weight.
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4. Drop the isolated top section, comb to natural fall, and at a graduated elevation deep point cut the disconnection.
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5. Comb fringe to natural fall at one-fingers depth, point cut square. Finish with Hard To Get and Head Rush.
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Hair: Thomas Osborn, Christopher Catanese, Adriana Papaleo
Color: Richy Kandasamay
Photography: Heath Grout
Make-up: Julie Pope
Fashion styling: Carlene Ferguson

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