Hair Bow Updo: The How-To

Alison Alhamed | March 8, 2012 | 2:40 PM
The hair bow that started all the posting on MODERNs Facebook by James Joseph Salon!
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The top of the hair bow updo.
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The hair bow recreated by MODERN Facebook friend Andrea Parise Beckerich, after she saw it on MODERNs Facebook page.
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The hair bow recreated by Fringe Salon.
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Another take on the hair bow from Fringe Salon.
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A textured hair bow created by MODERN Facebook fan Tanya Ramirez, no extensions no padding!
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MODERN's Facebook fans went CRAZY when we posted this pic of Vicki Desouza Houghton's "hair bow" updo on our Facebook page. In just an hour, this pic got 520 "likes", more than 50 comments, and 47 shares. Obviously we had to get the how to from Vicki!

Step one: Because the client's hair was so long, and very fine, set the top on heated rollers to make it more textured and easy to work with. Then, blow dry the hair straight back so once it is in a high ponytail, the back is smooth.

Step two: Then, create sections and subsections. Begin by sectioning out a top panel, about 1/4 of the hair from the front of the head. Clip it out of the way.

Step three: Ask the client to tip her head upside down so you can get the ponytail all the way to the top of her head, behind the section you isolated.

Step four: Then backcomb the ponytail to "fluff it up" and split it into three. Take out the middle section and pin it out the way toward the face.

Step five: Take the other two sections, comb, smooth and shape into the sides of the bow. Pin under by the pony's base and shape into the bow's sides. Pin the remaining ends of the middle section at the bottom by the pony's base, then flip it over to create the center of the bow. Use the hair from step one to create a "bump" or "poof" or maybe even a braid, but it's there to be creative with or to hide any mistakes in your pony.


BELOW: We found this how-to video here from if you want to watch her create it on herself!

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