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The Many Styles of Nicki Minaj

Jessica Galliart | March 8, 2012 | 11:39 PM

One universally true thing about Nicki Minaj: She knows how to make an entrance, head-first. Whether they’re wigs or weaves, the pop star’s eye-popping colors and sky-high looks always keep us guessing. Nicki drops a new album in a few short weeks, so it’s safe to say we can expect to see even more outrageous hair from her in the coming months. Let’s take a look back at some of her most daring styles.


The Many Styles of Nicki Minaj The Barbie Look

Her most recent style, this lengthy bombshell blonde wig softens Nicki up a bit when she’s taking a break from her usual red carpet splashes. Bold and statement-making for most, casual for Nicki.
The Many Styles of Nicki Minaj The Dreamsicle Look

When she’s not rocking platinum blonde, NIcki can usually be found doused in a shade of light or bright pink. Here, we get the best of both worlds with some sleek, pink bangs and length, paired with a curled and swirled blonde effect at the tips. Reminds you of summer and those Dreamsicle treats from the ice cream truck, doesn’t it?
The Many Styles of Nicki Minaj Nicki, Bride of Frankenstein?

Speaking of hair that makes you hungry, take a look at this sky-high, cotton candy-esque hair piece she wore on tour throughout 2011. The fine strands around her hairline might make the look a bit less appetizing, but they’re undoubtedly necessary to keep the piece in place.
The Many Styles of Nicki Minaj The Buttery Updo

Maybe Nicki is working on making edible hair the next big trend? It’s hard to forget the twisted updo (and getup) she donned in the front row at 2011 Fashion Week while sitting next to Anna Wintour. Popcorn, anyone?
The Many Styles of Nicki Minaj The Sleek Bob

In a nice change of pace, the diva tried out a slightly asymmetrical but very chic bob in both deep black and platinum blonde styles. She most recently brought back a shorter style similar to this one at the Super Bowl half-time show with Madonna, when she wore a white wig with gold accessories.
The Many Styles of Nicki Minaj The Pink Curls

Perhaps one of her signature looks, this curly pink bob seen here at the 2011 Ameircan Music Awards somehow gives Nicki a more down-to-earth, laid-back vibe while still showing her true, wild colors.
The Many Styles of Nicki Minaj The Pigtails Look

Of course, we saved the wildest for last. While most ladies’ interpretation of the classic pigtail sits low and understated, Nicki embraces the high-placed look and ups the ante with some serious volume and striking fringe.
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